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"Before I met Bill I was aware of my potential but I did not have the means to harness my enthusiasm within my profession." Shemley Gordon


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    I highly recommend Bill Hoop Russell's personal coaching sessions. Bill is an inspiration and will help you overcome psychological confidence barriers in many areas from selling yourself, advancement at work and job searching to losing your fears in public speaking and shining in social settings. When I leave a session, I tend to feel seriously inspired, that so many more things are possible in life... I really think it's about confidence, self-belief...”

    Jesse McDougall
    Vice President, Barclays Capital

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    Bill has always been an inspiration and a confidence booster. When I needed interview technique coaching, his wealth of banking experience and his ability to motivate, his openness and broad philosophical views were the perfect solution. I would definitely recommend Bill to anyone who is taking important decisions in their lives.”

    Tanya Anyan
    Vice President, DZ Bank

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    Before I met Bill I was aware of my potential but I did not have the means to harness my enthusiasm within my profession. Through his patient guidance, I now advise some of the largest Corporate Treasurers within the EMEA region.”

    Shemley Gordon
    Citi London - Global Transaction Services

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    Bill Hoop Russell is an amazing speaker, with a natural command of the stage. Not only is he an inspirational and motivational speaker, but also an empathetic and effective coach.”

    George Jerjian
    Author and Speaker

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    You have always been a great source of inspiration and a wonderful mentor. I learned something every time I had an opportunity to hear you speaking. Your feedback was so encouraging and helpful.”

    Leena Rantala
    SteelTeam Financial Services Ltd. - Head of Back Office and Compliance Helsinki, Finland

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    Bill is a fantastic mentor... I was transformed from a shy and insecure individual into a confident leader both in and outside of work. Bill has a way of releasing the exhibitionist in you and giving you the confidence to embrace your individuality and achieve your goals.”

    Jenny Sebastian