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"Bill takes you on a journey and has you completely involved." Guilliana Castle


  • "
    Bill Hoop Russell facilitated an engaging and valuable workshop for the Rural Education Access Programme’s team of Western Cape based student development advisors (SDA’s). The SDA’s work with youth, facilitating workshops on various developmental issues and desirable graduate attributes and skills. The team felt the need to be trained on how to do this and to get fresh ideas from an expert in public speaking. What stood out about the workshop with Bill was that it was experiential in nature, Bill was authentic; he shared a number of stories and examples that made it easy for the SDA’s to understand the content.

    Bill was also flexible in that he was tuned in to the needs of the audience whenever they spoke and he then matched his presentation to their needs. Although Bill trained the group, he wanted to understand the experiences and needs of the individual members; he listened well and was able to adapt his expertise to both the group’s, as well as the individuals within the group’s needs. After the workshop, all the individuals in the team felt more confident about workshop facilitation. Thank you Bill."

    Meekness Lunga
    Student Development Advisor, Rural Education Access Programme (REAP), Cape Town, South Africa

  • "
    Bill brought professionalism, insight and critical challenge to one of our (pilot) leadership programmes aimed at our high performing senior people. His energy and breadth of experience helped us to explore some of the key, often difficult, leadership challenges associated with a global firm that operates across national borders and cultures.”

    Audrey Campbell
    Senior Manager, Diversity and Inclusiveness, Ernst & Young LLP - London

  • "
    Bill Hoop Russell truly inspires all those he works with. He simply lights up the room with positivity. He is a true professional. He never lets you down. His ability to put people at ease, but at the same time build their confidence, is a skill that few people can truly say they have.

    I have witnessed Bill transforming the confidence of the quietest person in a room; giving them their 'voice' for the first time. Everyone, even accomplished speakers can benefit from additional coaching and support. You can only gain in knowledge and wisdom when you spend time with Bill.”

    Sue Watson
    Director, Watson & Watson, Management Consultants

  • "
    Bill has such an approachable manner, immediately putting his audience at ease. He quickly breaks down barriers, encouraging people to get up and give public speaking a go. It’s a genuine learning experience and everyone walks away with practical advice and new skills. Even experienced speakers learn new tricks.”

    Deanne Barrett
    Programme Development and Alumni Manager, Young Enterprise

  • "
    Bill Hoop Russell was instrumental in getting me from a blushing, muttering, stooped individual, unable to make herself heard, to a confident speaker.”

    Helen Thomas
    Sub-Region Controls & Compliance Officer, Citi Realty Services

  • "
    I was asked to give the main speech at a special dinner to celebrate my father's 80th birthday. I had prepared a pretty good speech about my father's achievements and, as a trial run, I delivered it to my friends. Bill's comments blew me apart. "Your family already knows what your father has achieved. You have an opportunity to share with your family three very personal stories that only you and your father know. Put some love and meaning in your stories and the audience are yours.” So I re-wrote my speech and on my father's special day, after I had delivered my speech, there was not a dry eye in the room.”

    George Jerjian
    Author and Speaker

  • "
    The public speaking training with Bill was truly fantastic. I never could have thought such a course could be so much fun! Bill is an inspirational trainer. Everyone could benefit from a session with Bill.”

    Charlotte Ball
    Community and Events Co-ordinator, Shelter, 88 Old Street, London, EC1V 9HU

  • "
    Bill's amazing talent for engaging and connecting with an audience was evident from the start and he offered invaluable advice, support and encouragement throughout the day. Drawing from his own vast experience he covered all aspects of public speaking, from preparing for the speech to 'wowing' the audience. My confidence developed massively throughout the day and I am looking forward to using the skills I developed to engage future supporters. Thank you Bill!”

    Hannah Lumb
    Community and Events Manager, Shelter

  • "
    I found the training really useful and was able to put it into practice at a presentation last week. Although I was still nervous, I conveyed my message with more confidence and conviction and received positive feedback from managers about how much they had enjoyed the presentation.”

    Katherine Piper
    Children's Housing Lead Professional, Shelter Keys to the Future, Bristol

  • "
    Bill managed to keep my concentration and interest for the whole day. I hate public speaking, and Bill did a good job of showing us how to deliver a good speech. I would recommend the training and would definitely be interested in having Bill as a trainer again.”

    Kate Betteridge
    Children's Housing Lead Professional, Shelter Keys to the Future, Bristol

  • "
    I attended Bill's Presentation Training Workshop and he is one of the best speakers I have seen. You only need to see him in action once and you, like many others, will be inspired to train to his level. ”

    Jamie Wu

  • "
    I really enjoyed the training that Bill delivered to a group of our Service Users. Although I knew that those involved would get a great deal out of the training, I was surprised at the extent to which they responded to Bill's advice and coaching. ”

    Katie MacVean
    Community Links Worker, Shelter Housing Support Services , Bristol

  • "
    It was a pleasure to see a wide range of our students actively engaged with a speaker who comprehensively surpassed our keen expectations. Bill proved a lively and engaging speaker who was brilliant at grabbing the attention of that most challenging of audiences … moody teenagers! ”

    Mr. John Boland
    Peterborough Regional College - A-Level Coordinator, History Lecturer & Personal Tutor

  • "
    Bill takes you on a journey and has you completely involved, provoking strong emotional reactions, whether it be laughter or tears. Even for those who relish the opportunity to stand in front of the crowd, the day provided invaluable feedback on gesture, tone, and all of those elements that make for a great presentation. Do it! ”

    Guilliana Castle
    Direct Marketing Executive, Shelter